Reconciling Tips with the Transaction Report

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Reconciling Tips with the Transaction Report

Stronghold allows your customers to tip during checkout or after a transaction has been completed.

You can reconcile tips at the end of the day, or for any date range, by downloading a Transaction Report. This will show you how much was tipped and which staff member or driver received the tip.

Contact your technology provider to confirm exactly how they've integrated into Stronghold's API for tipping.
  1. Go to the Dashboard and click on Transactions.
  2. Download a Transactions Report (here's how).
  3. When you open the report, use the following columns to reconcile tips:
Reconciling Tips with Transaction Report

J. Tip Status: Confirm the status of the tip is captured .

K. Gross Tip: This is the total amount tipped by the customer.

N. Beneficiary: This is the budtender, staff member, or driver who received the tip.

In the example above, a $3.00 tip should be paid out to Nancy.

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