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Downloading Transaction Reports

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Downloading Transaction Reports

  1. In the dashboard, Click Transactions
  2. To download all Transactions at once click the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  3. To download Transactions in a certain date range, click Advanced. 
  4. Then enter the date range and any filters you’d like. (Learn more about filters here.)
  5. Then click the 3 dots at the top right. You’ll get a csv file downloaded to your computer.

Understanding the Transaction Report

Depending on the POS and how they’ve integrated into Stronghold, some of these columns may not have relevant data. 

The transaction reports include the following columns:

A. Capture Date 

B. Status of the transaction (Read more about Transaction Statuses here.)

C. Total Amount charged to the customer including all fees

D. Convenience Fee charged to the customer

E. Gross Amount 

C. Total Amount - D. Convenience fee = E. Gross amount that Stronghold calculates fees from

F. Fee corresponds to the fees paid to Stronghold by the merchant

G. ID is the internal Stronghold ID for that charge

H. External ID is the order ID that corresponds with the POS or technology provider integrated into Stronghold.

I. Customer Name

J. Tip Status

K. Gross Tip is the total amount tipped by the customer

L. Fee is the fee paid on the gross tip by the merchant to Stronghold

M. Net Tip is the net amount of tip left after Strongholds fees are deducted

K. Gross Tip - L. Stronghold Fees = M. Net Tip

N. Beneficiary is the budtender, staff member, or driver who received the tip

O. Drawer ID is the drawer in your POS

P. Terminal ID is the terminal ID in your POS

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