Transactions Search and Statuses

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Searching for a Transaction

  1. In the Dashboard, click Transactions up top. You can also search by customer and find a transactionwhen under their customer profile. Learn how here.
  2. Under Search, enter the order ID from your technology system.
  3. For a more advanced search, click Advanced. Here you can enter a date range and also use the Filter field to sort by specific Transaction Status of the transaction. Read more about these status below.

Transaction Statuses and Filters


If using the checkout flow: Customer has clicked on the pay button, but the charge could not be authorized (usually due to an insufficient balance).

If using the API directly, the integrator has created a charge.

Charges left created will eventually be Canceled, depending on the merchant’s operating procedures.


Customer authorization for the created charge has been obtained and the available balance was checked at authorization time.


Customer authorization and bank details have been successfully captured and the available balance was checked at capture time.


The transaction has been created and the customer has linked a bank account, but the charge fails or is canceled and is never authorized or captured. Failure to authorize/capture is often attributed to a customer block, the merchant canceling the charge, or the customer having an insufficient balance.

Read more on how to cancel a charge here.

Attempting Collection

Stronghold has already attempted to collect funds however the attempt was unsuccessful due to insufficient balances at the time of debit or other bank restrictions.

Capture Failed

Customer lacks sufficient funds for processing and Stronghold’s attempts to collect funds have failed three times.


Customer has claimed that the charge is unauthorized. 

Refund Pending

Merchant has initiated a refund to the customer for this order.


Refund has been settled to the customer.

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